Stallions 2018 - Chinese

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38 Stallions translated into Chinese. Publisher's note below.

On behalf of the team at Australia’s leading thoroughbred breeding publications, STALLIONS 2018 and Bluebloods Monthly Magazine, it gives me great pleasure to present to you this first edition of our Australian Stallion Register (STALLIONS 2018) in a Chinese Language version.

I hope you will find the information contained in the following pages informative and a useful reference to assist you with your future breeding and racing decisions.

Our aim is to present a complete one page reference on every stallion enrolled in our Australian version each year. However, the task of making an accurate translation of such a huge amount of data will need to be accomplished in several stages rather than all at once. We certainly took on a very big project! In this first edition there is a full page Chinese language version for 38 of the 178 stallions in STALLIONS 2018, plus a full alphabetical short summary of the pedigree, location, standing farm and service fee of all 178 horses.

In this first edition the stallions were chosen according to the following criteria, provided they had a listing in STALLIONS 2018 –

1. The current top 10 sires in Australia by prizemoney at 15/6/18
2. The current top 3 first season sires in Australia by prizemoney at 15/6/18
3. The current top 3 second season sires in Australia by prizemoney at 15/6/18
4. The current top 3 third season sires in Australia by prizemoney at 15/6/18
5. Sires whose advertised fee is $55,000 inc. GST or more (note: fees advertised as “PRIVATE” not included)
6. Individual properties where 4 or more horses stand and which were not represented under 1-5 then had up to 2 stallions included chosen by highest service fee (or equal).


IMPORTANT NOTE: The data and statistics on each of the 38 full page entries and also in the summary for all 178 entries in STALLIONS 2018 are exactly as they appeared in the book when it was published in early June 2018, no further updates are included past that date.